My Spotify Wrapped 2020

December is here! With it’s arrival comes Christmas lights, festive foods and, of course, Spotify Wrapped.

At the end of each year Spotify gives each user a little data set of all the music they’ve listened to since January. You get to see your most listened songs, artists, genres and even how much time you’ve spent listening. I absolutely love this feature. In the days leading up to December, it’s a game to guess what will be cropping up in your Wrapped.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a tad bit nosey and love looking at everyone else’s chaotic listening habits. I spent yesterday asking you about your Spotify Wrapped on The Taragraph’s Instagram. Since it’s only fair, I’ve decided to share my little data set with you.

Tara’s Spotify Wrapped

221 New Artists

Compared to other people, this isn’t a particular high number. But considering I do listen to the same 10 songs over and over again, I’m a bit surprised.

184 Genres

This year I listened to 184 genres this year, including 62 new ones.

My top genres are hardly unsurprising but could anyone help me out with what Mellow Gold is?

My Top Songs

If you read my 10 Heartbreakingly Sad Songs By Female Artists post for Vibez Music, you’ll notice my top songs are pretty much a mirror image (whoops!)

I’ve listened to my #1, Too Sad To Cry, 80 times this year!

I’m a Pioneer!

This year I’ve become obsessed with Violet Skies… in fact I got to interview her in collaboration with Vibez Music.


The irony of this one is that I’d be the one drinking a fruity little drink because I cannot shoot whiskey.

My Top Artists

Since my first Spotify Wrapped in 2016, The 1975 have had a cheeky feature –– 2020 is no exception!

I’ve listened to Clairo a lot this year. I’ve found her music easy to have in the background when I’m revising or doing work.

As for Harry Styles, well, it’s all too predictable from me (:

With Sasha Sloan and Halsey both releasing stellar albums this year, it’s no surprise they’ve snuck onto my top 5 either.

Like all good Spotify Wrapped, you’ve got to have at least one thing that’s slightly embarrassing. Sasha Sloan is sad music royalty and being in her top 0.05% may be a little disconcerting.

The Playlist

I’m hoping that maybe I stop listening to such sad music all the time in 2021 –– get some suggestions going for some happier music 😚

Again, if you’re nosey like me then here’s my playlist of my top songs from this year.

By Tara Davies

Hi! I'm Tara, a 21-year-old Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University.

I enjoy writing about pop culture and injustices. I've also developed a love for Broadcast journalism which I've been allowed to explore within my degree.

I also love a good G&T and probably own too many flamingo themed objects.

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