It’s been a minute…

More than a minute really –– it’s been 6 months. In December, I was bursting with ideas and energy for the blog in the new year and then final year January deadlines hit. Each month there was something else extending this hiatus until, well, now.

I submitted my dissertation two Fridays ago, marking the end of my journalism degree –– you can see a cheeky picture of my dissertation and I above. I guess it also marks the start of a new era: I’m finally out of education and stepping into what some call The Real World. There’s always the possibility of doing a Masters one day but after writing a 10,000 word dissertation, I’m not sure I’d want to put myself through 20,000 words!

When I’ve not been slaving over university assignments, I’ve been expanding my personal portfolio by writing for a few different online publications –– including for my friends over at Vibez Music and That Fangirl Life. I’ve also put together a proper portfolio website, rather than just having a page here, to aid me in the post-degree job hunt. Head over to Tara Davies Portfolio to have a gander at my journalism.

Another picture of me holding my dissertation just because I can’t resist

Whilst I’m dropping all sorts of links to my work, I put together an entire multimedia project about diet culture and eating disorders at the end of last and start of this year. Our Diet Culture features a range of blog posts, audio clips and a main 1,500 word article all by me! I interviewed a range of different people on their opinions and experiences with diet culture including a weight loss influencer and a nutritionist. It’s possibly my favourite thing I’ve produced on my degree so please have a look if you haven’t already.

Not having to worry about any more large university projects has put me in the position to finally channel all of my extra energy into The Taragraph and it’s Instagram page (again). I have a couple more articles getting published in the near future so make sure to follow my Instagram to keep up to date.

I have so many fantastic ideas for The Taragraph, wanting to expand it possibly in the near future. I’ve really missed writing blog posts and writing about anything and everything I wish. I really want The Taragraph to reflect my opinions, ideas and interests –– I want it to reflect me in my entirety. I really hope you can all step into this new chapter, post-university, with me.

By Tara Davies

Hi! I'm Tara, a 21-year-old Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University.

I enjoy writing about pop culture and injustices. I've also developed a love for Broadcast journalism which I've been allowed to explore within my degree.

I also love a good G&T and probably own too many flamingo themed objects.

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